Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Milkshake Crazy!!!!

What I have noticed lately is the crazy amount of milkshake bars popping up around the place!! Now don’t get me wrong I am not complaining one bit but it has become a recent craze! I think one of the original milkshake or malts are the Eddie Rockets or Captain America’s milkshakes with a choice of vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, Oreo and Crunchie!! Then we had Gino’s yummy milkshakes in town where any flavour of ice cream you can make into a milkshake!! Of course there is the McDonald’s milkshake in strawberry, vanilla and chocolate and the one I’m not too sure about the “shamrock” milkshake!! This made the milkshake trend kick off! One of the first milkshake bars was set up in Douglas Court where you can add a range of chocolate bars to your milkshake! Suddenly after that was set up “Hotshakes” was set up on French Church Street where you can add absolutely anything to your milkshake they have over 150 options which start at €1.25. Hot Shakes boasts that if you want it, they’ll shake it.  To avoid feeling guilty, you can even have them add protein or some other ‘fuel’ to your custom beverage. Their flavoring options range from chocolate and cake to biscuits and fruit. Toffee popcorn is even listed as something you can have in your drink. I have never tried their Hot milkshakes I think it’s a little odd having a hot milk shake may as well go next to have a hot chocolate!!
Flirt Milkshake bar has opened up in Wilton Shopping Centre. This place is always so busy when I pass!! On a Wednesday afternoon in particular when all the schools have a half day it seems to be the hot spot to go!! They have a similar menu to Hotshakes where basically any chocolate bar you can add to your milkshake!!
HB swirls are the original ice cream bars in my opinion, the bar in Merchants quay and now they have recently opened in Mahon Point! It’s where you go when you are in the mood for an ice cream over a milkshake but the offer the same amazing toppings!! I wonder will they catch onto the sudden milkshake trend!?!?
What is your yummiest place to go for a milkshake!?!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Would you like to Supersize that?

Not the actual burger!

I went on a J1 two years ago....I would give my left arm to go back there now but what struck me over there was the portion sizes. Everything was bigger, I was waitressing over there and the portion sizes was absolutely ridiculous! In the restaurant where I worked they even had a super sized burger called the Ballbuster, whoever finished the burger got a free t-shirt and their picture taken with the staff! It was hilarious to watch but scary at the same time because the amount of people able to finish this burger was disgusting and they would have a dessert afterwards!!!
These type of competitions only encourage obesity and the prize at the restaurant wasn't even that good but customers were determined to finish the burger!
Then we have McDonalds where in America everything is a bigger portion than at home anyway but then having the option to supersize your meal is so funny! We used Supersize the meal and share it was a great money saver for us students!! Did anyone ever watch that programme Supersize me? I only saw it recently, the effect it has on your body is so scary!!!

Friday, 16 March 2012

Easter Egg's!!!

Possibly one of favourite times of year is Easter!! A total excuse to eat chocolate!!!! What struck me the other day though was when one of my friends who work in Tesco said they got a delivery of Easter egg’s on Christmas Eve!!!!!!! Talk about being eager...she said they were out in dispatch until end of January then they were out on the shelves!!!! Crazy altogether....who would but an Easter egg in January!!!!

Walking through Dunnes the other day their whole back wall is full of Easter eggs....the big decision was what Easter egg to get this year!?!?!?! I'm quite boring and don't branch out too much sticking to the old reliable Cadbury's!!! I think this year I will get the mini egg's with the cup!!

How cool are the cups...we still have a cup from last year I think it is a great marketing ploy including cups no matter what age you are it is still so much fun to get a cup with your Easter egg. When we were younger it was all about a little egg cup with your Easter egg now that we're all grown up you can have a nice mug of tea with your egg!!!

What egg will you are buying this year!?!?!

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Philadelphia with Cadbury....What's the Hype about!?!

Choccy Philly!!

We have all seen the new Philadelphia ad's, the tag line "Choccy Philly, Don't be Silly". The huge marketing campaign gone into the launching of this product to be a success. So I took it upon myself to see what all the fuss was about! They are selling Cadbury Philadelphia in Dunnes Stores for €1 for a limited time only. Once I bought it the question was what do you eat it with, they cleverly put a suggestion paper inside the packet showing Chocolate Philadelphia on biscuits, bread or a bagel.

I put my tester onto a rich tea biscuit and to be totally honest I don't know what to make of it, the sound of it sounds wrong but it was kind of like having a chocolate moose it was a bit bland, no real taste of cheese or chocolate about it. It sort of made me want nutella!!

I decided to put it to my friends and they were of the same opinion didn't taste much from it. "The biscuit is over powering the taste" one of my friends thought. Another expected a totally different product she thought chocolate chips were going to be in a normal pot of Philadelphia!  My mum thinks it would be ideal filling in a chocolate cake.

Will this me a huge success for Philadelphia?? I can honestly say no. I feel once people have tasted it once that will be it. I wouldn't purchase it again. But then again what are your opinions!?!?

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Dangerously Malnourished....

Angelina's displayed her skinny arms in the sleeveless black dress

 As this is a food loving blog I thought this week I had to discuss Angelina Jolie...."Dangerously Malnourished" is what doctors have claimed this week after Jolie attended the Oscar's with "the leg". Joile has a "rail-thin" frame and it was fully on show with the strapless black dress she wore last week. In my opinion I thought she looked awful I am used to seeing her looking absolutely fabulous but I would not have traded placs with her last week.

What sprung to mind to me was what on earth does she eat!?!?! Apparently she survives on 600 calories a day which is the equilivant of two bowls of cereal with milk!!! Jolie has been known to start her day with a spoonful of coconut oil and a handful of cereal. A woman with such a busy lifestyle needs to keep her energy level up and that breakfast is not one bit substantial for anyone espescially a woman with three kids!

Lunch is a few almonds and gummy bears if she even remembers to eat or maybe a protein based shake but nothing substantial.

This was absolutely shocking news to me how someone could survive on such little food is ashtonishing. She is not being a great role model for her children to look up to. I hope for her sake this does not get anymore serious. What are your thoughts!?!

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Pancake Tuesday!!!

Ok so last Tuesday was Pancake Tuesday!!! Possibly one of the greatest days of the year in my opinion!!! To my absolute delight the Crepe Man was in college:):) There was a quese at his crepe stand from 10am to when I was leaving college at 5 he was doing a roaring trade!!!

But my question is what did everyone have on their pancakes!?!?!? I had Chocolate on mine from the crepe man cannot beat it!!!When I got home my mum was making the pancakes and I had raspberries in some and for my last pancake I went all out and had Ben & Jerry's carmel chew chew!!! YUM!!!!

I must admit I absolutely hate lemon & sugar on pancakes even if there is a hint of lemon near my pancake I couldn't eat it!!! Some of my friends had savory pancakes with ham & cheese interesting combo! In my opinion I think if you are having a pancake you may aswell go all out and have the chocolate in it!!!To the side of my blog I have attached my pancake receipe!! Sur its lent the next day you may as well....which leads me to my next questions what have people given up for lent!?!?!

I'll let ye in on a secre I've broken my lent already:( Will start afresh on Monday again, I know thats cheating but don't tell anyone;)

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Cupcake Delight!!!!

Cupcake Cottage

Cupcakes have taken over the dessert market over recents years.....when I was younger it was all about Queen Cakes which are basically smaller cupcakes! But I have recently noticed the amount of restaurants serving cupcake never mind the amount of Cupcake shops opening up everywhere. I guarantee you could not go to a farmers market without coming across a cupcake stand! I went to my fair share of 21st last year and at the majority of them Cupcakes were there be it a huge Cupcake as the birthday cake or the usual small Cupcakes!!What is the deal with the new trend!?!

I decided to take it upon myself to try out a few Cupcake places I must admit it was a tough challenge but someone has got to do it!! Cupcake cottage came out as a big winner for me!!

Cupcake Cottage has so many flavours of Cupcakes they have; chocolate; oreo; strawberry; white chocolate & blueberry; coffee; red velvet; tiramisu; lemon & honeycomb. You are spoilt for choice going there!!! Over time I must admit I tried a good few and White Chocolate & Blueberry has to be the nicest!!!!! They are priced at €2 each which I think is a bargain!! Has anyone been there yet!?! If not I would definatley recommend a visit, the girls in there are so nice and friendly a great business they have I hope its a real success for them!! I'm off to make a cup of tea and have a Red Velvet Cupcake by the fire.....YUM!!!!!!

Has anyone else tried other Cupcake places!?! I would love to hear your stories!!

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Food on the Move...Good Idea or Bad!?!?

Lunch in Groups
Family Dinner

Lunch Alone

With RAG week last week it got me thinking about when people eat their lunch/dinner and do people have breakfast anymore!?!? I noticed so many people grabbing a roll from the shop and eating it quickly before their lecture. The crepe man was on campus all last week the amount of people walking around trying to eat a crepe on a paper plate is not one bit enjoyable. Believe me this has been tried and tested from my own personal experience!! Not only is it not enjoyable but looking at people trying to eat this crepe is not very appealing at all!!

But what is it with eating food on the move, is it a timing thing are people always in a rush!?!? surely to sit down and eat a sandwich wouldn't take more than five minutes!?!? But then again how many people do you see in college who actually sit down on their own and eat their lunch!?! Walking into the main or student centre there is always groups of people sitting around having their lunch. Is sitting on your own the reason you eat food on the go!? I must admit I feel I wouldn't sit on my own having lunch in college think I'd go to the toilets instead!!! But I would have no problem eating lunch on my own in town!! Does everyone feel this way!?!

Maybe I am thinking about it too much but have a look yourself during the week see how many people are braving it alone and how many cluster of groups all pile around one table..and more importanly who is strolling around having their lunch on the move!!!

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Do We Really Need Food After Clubbing!?!?!?!?

So I was in Edinburgh this week on a class trip, what shocked me and majority of my class was no take aways were open after the club!!!! What was going on here?? We all were in complete shock so much so a group of girls took a taxi journey out to a McDonalds 8 miles from where we were staying to go to the trip through!! Bit extreme I thought at first until the following night I hopped into a taxi to a place that was serving food late!!!

Once I got there there was a queue outside and it was table service so myself and my friend sat down and got served up dinner at 3am!!  We were thinking of the lovely Hill Billy's back home and realised how lucky we were to have take aways at every single corner in Cork!! We were talking to locals in the restaurant about no food afterwards and it didn't seem to bother them that there was no fast food places open afterwards....which got us thinking do we really need all those extra calories after a night out and why to me Garlic, Chips & Cheese is the nicest thing in the world at 3am after clubbing but I wouldn't touch it during the day!!

All those take aways how appealing are they during the day!?!? Would you go there for lunch!?!? That breast in a bun from hillbilly's is sought after at night how many orders do they get during the day!!??

Think I'm thinking twice about it now, next night out I might head on home after clubbing for that toasted sandwich instead:)

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Captain Americas!!!!!

On Thursday night I went to Captain Americas before going out....I was so surprised how busy it was with young people!!! The place was packed with students having food before going out! I got the burger it was cooked really well served with chips and salad for €10.45 what good value! When it came to paying we got 2 meals for the price of 1!! It was really good value and such a nice atmosphere!!! Will def go again... Has anyone else been there recently??